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Borgata Poker Open: Closing Remarks

elias borgata

Darren Elias, posses with some of the Borgata Poker staff after winning the WPT BPO Championship.

On behalf of fellow bloggers “MaXelroD” and “jamesk”, that wraps up our coverage of the 2014 Borgata Poker Open.

In total, over $6,600,000 in prize money was distributed over the course of 24 Main Events, including a $2 million GTD and a $1 million GTD tournament, which both unveiled a live streamed Final Table, a Borgata Poker first.

The series culminated with the biggest WPT BPO Championship in history, with over 1,200 players crushing the $3 million guarantee that was put on the event.

That event, which was also live streamed and recorded to go on television during the WPT Season XIII broadcast, was won by Darren Elias (Cherry Hill, NJ), his first major poker title after Final Tabling two previous WPT tournaments.

On top of the WPT Champions’ Cup that Darren won, there were 23 Borgata Poker Open trophies awarded over the last three weeks, and they now belong to:

Event 1 – $2 Million GTD $500 + $60 Big Stack NLH – Jonathan “Nolte” Evans – $337,801
Event 2 – $450 + $50 Omaha Eight or Better – Ming Reslock – $8,556
Event 3 – $350 + $50 + $100 Deep Stack NLH w/ Black Chip Bounty – Jack “Kash” Kashishian – $45,305
Event 4 – $450 + $50 Omaha H/L Eight or Better – William DelSanto – $14,014
Event 5 – $100,000 GTD $350 + $50 Deep Stack Saturday Series – Jerry Maher – $60,801
Event 6 – $50,000 GTD $500 + $60 Mix NLH/PLOH Deep Stack Six Max – Thomas Balla – $20,661
Event 7 – $400 + $50 – Deep Stack NLH – David Jackson – $19,209
Event 8 – $500 + $60 – Borgata Ladies Championship – Liping Zhang – $10,185
Event 9 – $400 + $50 – Big Stack PLOH – Timothy Place – $10,320
Event 10 – $1 Million GTD $350 + $50 Deep Stack NLH – Sergio Vigano – $168,875
Event 11 – $500 + $60 – Six Max NLH – Joey Couden – $23,629
Event 12 – $260 + $40 – Big Stack NLH – Rudy Tjin – $26,081
Event 13 – $1,500 + $150 Heads Up NLH – Joe McKeehen – $37,248
Event 14 – Inaugural Mike Sica Memorial Seniors NLH – Jim Plate – $24,196
Event 15 – $200,000 GTD $1,000 + $90 Six Max NLH – Marshall White – $79,134
Event 16 – $450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E. – Kevin Nettles – $14,514
Event 17 – $100,000 GTD $350 + $50 Deep Stack Saturday Series – Will Givens – $49,894
Event 18 – $500 + $60 PLO HL 8B Six Max – Jim Collopy – $15,787
Event 19 – CSOP Charity Tournament – Amanda Musumeci 
Event 20 – $3,500 WPT BPO Championship – Darren Elias – $843,744
Event 21 – $500 + $60 NLH – Amir Babakhani – $27,708
Event 22 – $260 + $40 Deep Stack NLH – Ted Ely – $45,755
Event 23 – $300 + $40 Deeper Stack NLH – Vishal Patel – $17,353
Event 24 – $200 + $30 Deepest Stack NLH – Gene Pink – $22,948

This has truly been another amazing series here at The Borgata, and once again this poker room and casino has set itself apart as the pre-eminent poker destination in the country.

Thank you to the players, who made it easy and enjoyable to watch and follow them throughout each and every tournament.

Thank you to friends, families and poker fans that followed the blog; we hopefully put out a product that was easy to read, informative, and gave you the feeling that you were right in the middle of the high octane action.

Thank you to the tournament staff, dealers and tournament directors, who again proved why the Borgata is so successful. Every tournament was run like a well oiled machine, there really are no better people in the poker world than here at Borgata.

And lastly, a huge thank you to the people behind the scenes throughout the Borgata Poker Open. The marketing team, the social media team, the IT department, the XPress HD live stream crew, the WPT team. Without you, the BPO would not have been what it was.

Everyone played a roll in making this another spectacular series, which is what you have come to expect from The Borgata.

We wish you luck, both on and off the felt, and look forward to seeing you at the next Borgata Poker Open.

Thank you again,

“Will OC”

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Sep 20 5:56 am

Event 24: 1st Place – Pink ($22,948)

Level 35 (Blinds 200,000/400,000/40,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 1
Chip Average: 18,500,000

Gene Pink - Event 24 Deepest Stack NLH - Champion

Gene Pink – Event 24 Deepest Stack NLH – Champion

In the first hand back from break, Gene Pink would have Lana O’Brien all-in and at risk and his would hold up against the of O’Brien on a flop of .

Pink would have to fade a ton of outs on the turn and river, and would watch as the board bricked out, meaning he was the Champion of Event 24 of the Borgata Poker Open.

This is Gene’s biggest score of his career and then some, as he only had $1,100 of live tournament earnings to his name before tonight.

This is obviously Gene’s first Borgata Poker Open trophy, while Lana O’Brien misses out on her second piece of Borgata hardware, as she finishes 2nd for $13,249.

O’Brien caps off an amazing series in which she finished close to the Top 50 of the WPT BPO Championship.

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Sep 20 5:34 am

Event 24: Break Update

Level 34 (Blinds 150,000/300,000/40,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 2
Chip Average: 9,200,000

Not many “notable” hands have developed as chips have just been getting passed back and forth over the last level.

Gene Pink now has the chip lead though, with just over 10,000,000. O’Brien is sitting with just under 8,000,000.

Neither player is looking to make a mistake and it has been a very passive last half hour.

Players will return from break in 10 minutes.


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Sep 20 5:17 am

Event 24: Tough Going

Level 34 (Blinds 150,000/300,000/40,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 2
Chip Average: 9,200,000

Neither player looks like they want to back down, or make a mistake as many of the pots have been checked down until someone feels like taking a stab at it.

Lana O’Brien has continued an aggressive approach, raising almost 80% of her small blinds.

This has a very similar feeling to the WPT BPO Championship heads up match that happened some hours ago, with one big hand deciding it all after a cagey back and forth portion of heads up play.

Gene Pink has chipped up slightly, now sitting with 8,000,000 chips, with O’Brien sitting at 10,000,000.

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Sep 20 5:06 am

Event 24: Level Up

Level 34 (Blinds 150,000/300,000/40,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 2
Chip Average: 9,200,000

The blinds and antes are going up, way up.

There are just over 60 big blinds in play, meaning that these players who started off with “deep stacks” are now getting extremely short stacked.

Lana O’Brien has used an aggressive last few rounds to take out a leg of Gene Pink.

O’Brien currently has close to 12,000,000 while Gene Pink has just over 6,000,000.


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Sep 20 4:48 am

Event 24: Pink’s Double, Double

Level 33 (Blinds 120,000/240,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 2
Chip Average: 9,200,000

Gene Pink came into the Final Table in 10th place with 500,000 chips, and is now heads-up for the Event 24 Championship.

Gene Pink came into the Final Table in 10th place with 500,000 chips, and is now heads-up for the Event 24 Championship.

According to one unnamed player that was already eliminated from this Final Table, Gene Pink should have been eliminated in 10th place.

Well, Gene has the last laugh as he is now sitting with close to 7,000,000 and has chipped up well over the 7,000,000 mark, almost bringing this heads up match to an even gun fight.

Both of Gene’s doubles came in the all-in pre-flop variety, the first with O’Brien holding and Gene holding .

O’Brien would gain the advantage on the flop of and keep that advantage until the would spike on the river, saving Gene’s tournament life.

That would move Gene up to the 5,000,000 chip mark.

After getting cut down over a few hands, Gene against decided to go “Route 1″, moving all-in and getting a call from O’Brien.

Gene would table and O’Brien would hold and need some help to end Event 24.

The board would run out pure for Gene, as he’d end with the nut flush, giving O’Brien no chance at the pot.

Gene is slowly chipping away, and one big swing either way could change this entire heads up match.

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Sep 20 4:40 am

Event 24: Heads Up For The Title

Level 32 (Blinds 100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 2
Chip Average: 9,200,000

Lana O'Brien and Gene Pink Heads Up For The Event 24 Championship

Lana O’Brien and Gene Pink Heads Up For The Event 24 Championship

Play is now heads up with O’Brien holding a 14,000,000 to 4,000,000 chip advantage. Play will be entering Level 33 shortly, with the blinds reaching a mind boggling 120,000/240,000.


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Sep 20 4:36 am

Event 24: 3rd Place – Perez ($8,084)

Level 32 (Blinds 100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 2
Chip Average: 9,200,000

Jeremy Perez

Jeremy Perez

The action would be picked up in a limped pot, blind versus blind encounter involving Jeremy Perez and Lana O’Brien.

On a board of Perez would lead out for 400,000 only to see O’Brien raise all-in. Perez would snap call and tell the dealer to, “Keep it black.” when he saw O’Brien turn over for a flush draw.

Perez held for two pair.

The turn would bring the giving Perez a better two pair, but O’Brien now had her flush.

Perez had a few more outs to a full house, but would not hit it as the would brick on the river, eliminating him in 3rd place.

Perez flew under the radar for close to the entirety of the Final Table, he came in with an average stack and was able to chip up and make a few jumps up the pay ladder, finishing in 3rd for just over $8,000.


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Sep 20 4:18 am

Event 24: Three-Handed Chip Counts

Level 32 (Blinds 100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 3
Chip Average: 6,100,000

Play is now three handed, with Lana O’Brien still holding a large majority of the chips in play.

The next player eliminated will earn $8,084.

Lana O’Brien – 11,000,000
Gene Pink – 3,800,000
Jeremy Perez – 3,500,000


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Sep 20 4:15 am

Event 24: 4th Place – Golbari ($6,512)

Level 31 (Blinds 80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total Entries: 463
Players Remaining: 3
Chip Average: 5,300,000

Shervin Golbari

Shervin Golbari

Just like that, Shervin Golbari went from having close to a quarter of the chips in play, to being eliminated in 4th place.

His elimination hand actually changed the table dynamic as Gene Pink tripled up again in the process of sending Golbari to the rail.

Pink, Golbari and Jeremy Perez got it all-in pre-flop with Perez having both players covered. The cards were turned up and Perez and Pink had the same holdings.

Pink:     Perez:      Golbari:




Golbari would be shouting for a Queen, as it was “live” as he would say, but those requests seemed to fade as the flop gave Pink a draw to the nut flush.

Perez would hope that draw would miss so he would be able to chop the pot, but Pink’s improbable run from short, short stack to suddenly three handed for the Event 24 title would not be denied as the came on the river giving him his flush.

Golbari would be eliminated in 4th place, good for $6,512.

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